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If you're in the market for new tires, the tire experts at All-Star Buick GMC can help you order new tires and install them at our facility in Oak Creek, WI.  Depending on the season, our tire center offers same-day tire rotation and tire swap services, including snow tires in the winter and all-season tires during the summer.  Click here to learn more about the importance of tire service and to schedule an appointment today!

The Importance of Having Good Tires

The better your tires, the more in control you'll be behind the wheel in New Berlin. Whether you're escaping the city or seeking out new adventures off-road, you owe it yourself to ensure your vehicle is equipped with good tires.  Good tires, or healthy tires with adequate tread, are the key to maximizing your grip and traction across a wide range of road surfaces.

During the colder months of winter in Milwaukee, it's extra important to look after your tires as they help keep you safe and in control of your vehicle when the roads are icy. Conversely, during the summertime, you'll want to make sure that your all-season tires are well-aligned and treaded to avoid hydroplaning or sliding downhill.  No matter where the roads take you, it's always important to maintain and monitor the condition of your tires.

Top Five Signs Your Tires Are Failing

When the going gets tough, you'll want to make sure that your tires are healthy and in good condition.  The longer you go without rotating or getting your tires serviced, they might become more problematic.  To avoid breaking down or getting sidelined on the roads in New Berlin because of bad tires, our team has come up with top five tips to help you identify and prevent tire failure.

  1. Your vehicle sways heavily to one side, indicating improperly aligned tires
  2. You have trouble not sliding or swerving when the roads are wet and you hit the brakes
  3. Tire pressure warning lot comes on, indicating that your tires aren't holding air
  4. You notice excessive sidewall deterioration, bumps, bruises, and cracked tire rubber
  5. Your tires are bald and devoid of any tread, indicating a serious traction control issue

If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your tires, be sure to contact your local tire center experts at All-Star Buick GMC.  We can help you identify potential issues with your tires and ensure you schedule a prompt appointment to have them fixed, rotated, or both.

Auto-Financing Tips to Help You Purchase New Tires

When it comes time to purchase a new set of tires in Muskego, the auto-financing experts at All-Star Buick GMC can help you afford to purchase the best new tires for your make and model.  Depending on your budget, we can help you determine which set of new tires is the best for your preferred driving style.  We'll also offer you the chance to establish an affordable payment plan to pay off your tires over time instead of all at once.

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For more information about tires and scheduling services to maintain the quality of your wheels, please call or contact us online at All-Star Buick GMC!  We can help you schedule a tire service appointment and help you determine which new set of wheels is the best suited for your make and model.  Please call or contact us online to learn more and to speak with a dedicated tire professional at our facility in Oak Creek today!