Used Chevrolet

Our Pre-Owned Chevrolet Models in Oak Creek Are Ready to Hit the Road

While many drivers are looking for a new vehicle, finding one is often a different matter. When drivers near New Berlin look at the new vehicle choices on a new dealer's lot, they often find the inventory is quite low. So, they are turning to the used car market to find a quality vehicle with relatively low miles and often, a great deal of the manufacturer's warranty still in effect. It's important for customers to remember that the used car of today is not the used car of yesterday. Technology has progressed so that engines last much longer, without losing efficiency or power. Chevy models can remain reliable beyond 100,000 miles, and they can often even reach 300,000 miles with little issue. It is evident that many of our customers recognized the value in used Chevy models with how quickly our inventory can change, so be sure to check it out regularly.

What can drivers expect to see on a pre-owned Chevrolet dealer's lot? Let's take a look at typical options in our inventory.

Chevy Sports Utility Vehicles

Chevrolet offers a wealth of SUVs, and they range in size for families both small and large. In fact, Chevrolet offers a number of compact SUVs that offer both efficiency and the ability to haul a modicum of cargo. The Chevy Trax is a compact SUV that offers seating for up to five, averages about 140 horsepower, and it is surprisingly peppy. This makes for a fun-to-drive vehicle that is fuel efficient. The Chevy Trailblazer and the Chevy Blazer are slightly larger yet still considered compact SUVs. They offer a step-up in horsepower from the Trax and they offer more cubic feet of cargo space. The midsize Chevy SUV is the Equinox, which offers seating for up to seven, agile handling and a folding third row seat that allows drivers to haul lots of luggage or gear and still have room for the family. Of course, the largest Chevy SUVs are the Tahoe and the Suburban. These SUVs offer drivers the ability to not only haul the family and all your gear, but also to tow a modicum of weight behind the vehicle, which is important for many Muskego drivers.

Chevy Cars and Sedans

Although Chevrolet has winnowed away many of the cars and sedans in its current lineup, there are many pre-owned cars still available. Those looking for a small sedan will love the sharp looks and the fuel efficiency of the Chevy Cruze. However, some look for a larger, more family oriented car. The Chevy Impala and the Chevy Malibu both offer seating for up to five as well as a large trunk area for storage, hauling luggage or even carrying groceries or sporting gear.

Chevy Trucks

Chevy's trucks have been on the road for over five decades, and they're extremely popular choices among drivers in the Milwaukee area. Although drivers today have a choice between many different sizes of used Chevy trucks, the Chevy Silverado series is considered to have some of the best trucks in the country. The Chevy Silverado 1500 has a devoted fanbase, and these drivers consistently choose the Silverado 1500 for its dependability and ruggedly handsome good looks. The Silverado 1500, 2500 and 3500 all come in a number of trims, from a scaled-down work truck to a luxurious top-of-the-line family truck that can also tow and haul all the cargo you ever need.

Chevy's midsize truck offering, the Colorado, is highly popular with drivers because of its versatility. The Colorado offers fuel efficiency while still being a truck and doing all the things one needs a truck to do.

Considering a used Chevy for your next Oak Creek ride? Come to All-Star Buick GMC today or browse online to check out our ever-changing used inventory and schedule a test drive.

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